The experience and knowledge I’ve gained throughout my life and professional career have been instructive, diverse, and invaluable.

All the blessings and mishaps in my life I’ve transformed into the strengths. I offer personal assistant and high-end travel consultant services to the most demanding or discrete clients who value privacy and tailor-made services above all else.

I cannot thank my very good friend and colleague enough; she introduced me to the ins and outs of traveling and luxury tourism in the first place. Thanks to her I can fulfill my desire to explore, travel and experience the world from different angles. Together, we represent exclusive experiences from all over the Baltics in the form of a company called Baltic Luxury.

My fortes are discretion, trust, and attention to detail. Over time, in addition to high-end travel services, I have cultivated more and more professional relationships and a variety of services. Assisting with day-to-day errands for my company and organizing private events alongside personal life management issues became a part of my life and helped me shape who I am today.

One thing I love about my job is that you get what you give. Professionalism and credibility are very important factors in my line of work. It gives me such joy when I’m reached by new clients through personal recommendations.

I’m happily married, a mother to an amazing daughter, and I value deep friendships and relationships that add meaning and endless joy to my everyday life.