Erika Sõstra Luxury Travel & Lifestyle focuses on creating first-class experiences with the utmost level of service, tailoring services catered specifically to each costumer.  

We offer luxury concierge services to executives, entrepreneurs, private individuals and families, helping them free up time for what is really important in business and life.

At Erika Sõstra Travel & Lifestyle we would be delighted to assist you with the following services: 

– Personal Travel Management;

– Private & Corporate Event Management;

– Personal or Business Real Estate Rental, Leasing or Buying/Selling Services;

– General Administrative Support;

– Household Staffing Services;

– Personal Assistant Staffing Services.

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Service evaluation 

“A penchant for classic high-class service has been paramount throughout my professional career. “

With her long experience in working with the most demanding clients and visiting various luxury hotels, Erika offers a personalized evaluation service to hotels, restaurants, spas, health clinics and other businesses. A personal evaluation is based on Erika’s experience, in which she evaluates the requested service from the client`s point of view, focusing on details such as the standard of service required, cleanliness, coziness, the aroma in the room, exquisiteness, etc. 

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